Hi, I'm Michael Le

and I’ve been analyzing, designing and optimizing websites and creating digital media for over 4 years.

Digital Strategy

Creating holistic digital strategies that maximise potential of new and existing channels.

Digital Media

Naturally creative with a passion for great design and digital media. I love making films and creating awesome-looking content.

Data Analytics

Analytical and data driven approach to everything in life. Evidenced based decision making and experiments are a core value.


SEO-focused copywriting that is immersive and can speak to the concerns and interests of the community.

I’m an

Entrepreneur and Digital Marketing Specialist

With over 4 years of experience making data driven decisions and a demonstrated ability to increase conversion rates.

My current role as a digital marketing specialist at a Bluetrain  has given me many opportunities to optimize websites for clients ranging from e-commerce to large non-profit organizations. I’ve researched and implemented technical and on-page SEO recommendations that have increased organic traffic by 75% YoY. Utilizing tools like Google Analytics 4 (GA4), Google Tag Manager (GTM), Google Search Console (GSC), SEMrush, Screaming Frog, and many others.

I’m also the Lead Analyst & Digital Strategist for BobaTalks, a non-profit organization that helps students and young professional find mentors in their field all over North America. Since I’ve joined, we have 8x’ed our userbase and facilited over 500 meetings with mentors.

I’ve also started a wedding videography company, after noticing an underserved niche in the Calgary wedding market. At the time, Calgary was lacking a story-driven wedding videographer. Red Finch Studios was bootstrapped with my own savings and sweat equity. I handled client relations, consumer-facing marketing, ad spend, website design, marketing analytics and everything in-between. With the help of a small team of secondary videographers, I was able to generate year-over-year growth in sales and marketing optimization.

SEO Optimization and Analytics

With some technical and on-page SEO audits and implementations, I was able to increase the organic search traffic of Interstellar – Fake Studios (real company info has been modified) by 75% year over year. I created this dashboard using Looker (Data) Studio, extracting information from GA4/ GTM, GSC, and Facebook Ads. I’m also very proficient with Excel including Vlookups, Pivot Tables, etc…

Keyword Research, Competitive Analysis

Using tools like SEMrush and Screaming Frog, I’ve audited clients websites, performed market/competitor research and identified gaps on our clients websites/content. These gaps in the content/metadata helped to drive content generation which helped me boost a clients average page ranking from 12 to 4th position in average Search Engine Ranking.

Email Marketing

I created this email marketing template in Mailchimp for BobaTalks. With the support of some awesome authors and editor, we were able to achieve an amazing 70% open rate and 20% click rate.

SERP Optimization

During Covid when weddings were slowing down, I realized that people were still getting married, but clients were either eloping or doing micro weddings, so I created a new product (wedding livestreams) to service those clients. With that, I’ve consistently ranked 1st or 2nd when you google ‘Calgary wedding livestream’.

Graphic Design Tools

Well versed in Adobe Products, I have experience using graphic and media design software programs such as Adobe InDesign, Illustrator, Photoshop, Lightroom, Premiere Pro, and Canva

CMS – WordPress

I also have extensive WordPress experience. I designed and optimized this site (redfinchstudios.ca). While I didn’t design bobatalks.com, I was a key partner in determining the site architecture, event tagging/tracking and analytics setups using Google Analytics 4 and Google Tag Manager

Video Editing & Film

Video editing was a hobby that turned into a profession. I started by making travel videos and then I realized that there was an opportunity in the Calgary market in the wedding industry.


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