HELLO, we’re Michael and Jamie

An “engaged” team based out of Calgary, who loves to click, cook, & chat.

As budding photographers & cinematographers based out of the Calgary area, we love telling stories. Whether its through photo or videos, looking through the lens has always been a passion of ours and its something that we love sharing with others.

We started with Gopros, making amateur travel videos for ourselves, and realized quickly they didn’t turn out so great. We quickly picked up newer and better camera’s and haven’t looked backed.

Thanks for looking into us a little more and giving us a chance to film your super special day! We here at Red Finch Studios are always on the lookout for couples who love to collaborate and aren’t afraid to be themselves. Whether you’re a little camera shy or love modelling for instagram, we’ll make sure you and your S.O. look like stars in your own little Hollywood Feature.

We tailor our films to our couples. So you’ll see some traditional, romantic, feature films on our portfolios, as well as some that are just more upbeat and fun. Whatever you’re after, we’ll try to make you a film that you enjoy watching over and over again. At the end of the day, we are artists and we want to make something we’re proud of. But what good is a film if our primary audience (i.e. YOU) doesn’t enjoy it too? That’s why every one of our films are UNIQUE, just like you.

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    Tell us more about yourself and the love of your life. How did you meet? Who proposed? Learning more about you gives us an idea of how we can create a film that is more meaningful to you. If you want to just say hi, just drop us a line.

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